Chaos Theory

Meet Langton's Ant. Here he is, making his first 200 moves according to the simple set of rules that run the entirety of his very simple little computer-programed world: He lives on an infinite grid of little squares which all start out whit If he steps on a white square, it turns black, he turns 90° … Continue reading Chaos Theory

The race to zero

Blood-suckers beware. If you get greedy with your profit margins, someone - some start up - leaner and hungrier will take your business. That means, lawyers, doctors, bankers watch out. Your margin is your competitors opportunity. Technology is the great democratiser of our age. If your business model extracts more value than you provide, you … Continue reading The race to zero

The biggest trend of now

Selfishness. Me me me. That's the biggest trend of today. If you are a marketer, appeal to your target market's selfish ambitions and narcissistic  tendencies and you will win them over. The Guardian recently published an article on the current "epidemic of narcissism". The article speaks truth, and we're only just embarking on our collective … Continue reading The biggest trend of now