“Should I invest in this Bitcoin thing?”

That's a question I get asked almost everyday. To those of you wondering what my answer is, I suggest you start here: In short? Do as Warren Buffett does. Only invest in things that you *fully* understand. And even then, only invest with money you can afford to lose. (I'm talking to you, people … Continue reading “Should I invest in this Bitcoin thing?”

Brand activism, the good and the gross

Brand Activism is a key business trend I have been tracking with my work at Flux Trends. In essence, brand activism involves brands stepping outside of their corporate comfort-zone to confront a tricky social issue and take a public stance about what their brand stands for. A great example of brand activism in action comes … Continue reading Brand activism, the good and the gross

The difference between UBI and UGI – and why it matters

What's the difference? UBI - Universal Basic Income UGI - Universal Guaranteed Income In short, with UBI, to paraphrase Oprah, "You get an income, she gets an income, he gets an income - EVERYONE gets an income!" Every person in the country gets the same get government sponsored income - regardless of whether they are employed, … Continue reading The difference between UBI and UGI – and why it matters

Bronwyn Ruth Williams - Trend Researcher - Keynote Speaker - What the Future Now

Toxic femininity in the boardroom – someone has to say something

"The findings here clearly state that even if girls are more harassed in total, they are not more harassed by boys, they are harassed by other girls."  First things first: Please do yourself a favour and go read this evidence-based article on female-on-female sexual harassment in schools before we continue. Now that you're back, I hope … Continue reading Toxic femininity in the boardroom – someone has to say something

Blockchain of all the things

The blockchain is much more than "just" Bitcoin. Here are just three ways the future is about to get a lot more interesting thanks to this simple technology: (FYI, Bitcoin itself, as in the currency, is a wonderful way to move your money around the world without a bank or Big Brother government sticking its … Continue reading Blockchain of all the things

What are they teaching you?

The South African government has just tabled a bill that will make home schooling your children much more difficult - and much, much more expensive. For a start home-schooled scholars will become subject to annual state education assessments from state educators (which parents will have to pay extra for, of course). What is more, several … Continue reading What are they teaching you?

Somebody’s watching you…

If it feels like somebody is watching you, well, it's because they are. Who is this somebody? Pretty much anybody who wants to, that's who: Skynet Your insurance company and medical aid have already sold you respectively on the "benefits" of letting them track your driving habits, through your cellphone insurance app, and your lifestyle … Continue reading Somebody’s watching you…

Is Elon Musk a Luddite?

It appears academia is split. The brightest minds of our time cannot agree whether Artificial Intelligence is the best thing to happen to humanity yet - or our worst nightmare. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook is on the pro AI team. He is exacted about all the cool technology we will soon be playing with. Yey! … Continue reading Is Elon Musk a Luddite?

Politicians and Pastors

They're all the same, politicians and pastors. Both groups pay themselves large salaries to fund lifestyles, far above what their tax payers / tithe paying congregants could ever hope to achieve. Are pastors any better than the kleptocratic governments they lament when they spend the tithes they collect on private schooling for their offspring while their … Continue reading Politicians and Pastors