The Merge of Man and Machine

Cyborgs already walk amongst us. Actually, this is nothing new. For decades already we have been able to upgrade our frail human bodies with a pacemaker to keep our hearts pumping, hearing aid implants to help us regain our sense of sound, and metal plates and screws to hold us together when our hips and … Continue reading The Merge of Man and Machine

Blockchain of all the things

The blockchain is much more than "just" Bitcoin. Here are just three ways the future is about to get a lot more interesting thanks to this simple technology: (FYI, Bitcoin itself, as in the currency, is a wonderful way to move your money around the world without a bank or Big Brother government sticking its … Continue reading Blockchain of all the things

Big governments are bad – it’s just good maths

The UK has taken a lot of ridicule for Brexit. Sure, Brexit is still going to cause a lot of trouble, and a lot of expense to a lot of people. However, although I am not sure Brexit is a good idea now (the damage has already been done), the truth of the matter is, … Continue reading Big governments are bad – it’s just good maths

The un-purple cow

It used to be that building a great brand came down to creating a brilliant product - a product so brilliant that people who saw it or heard about it naturally wanted to buy it - and tell everyone else about it. Now, millennial marketers have turned that basic principle on its head. Today marketing … Continue reading The un-purple cow

Equality or Liberty?

There comes a time every country, society and individual had to choose between Liberty and Equality; for the two are mutually exclusive. You cannot achieve equality without violating the liberty of others. Likewise the definition of liberty forces one to accept inequality. As for me, I choose freedom over fairness. I accept that I may … Continue reading Equality or Liberty?

No one owes you anything

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing . It was here first." ~ Mark Twain Are you an adult? Are you old enough to work, drink, drive and vote? Know how to read and write? Able-bodied? Lucky you. Now read that headline again. And again. Got it? No … Continue reading No one owes you anything

On equality

Why do we strive for equality? We say we want smaller wage gaps, equal pay, equal rights, equal privilege, equal opportunites. But do you really want to be equal with everyone else? The worldwide median family income is less than $10,000 per annum. That would be 'fair'. But do YOU want YOUR family to live on … Continue reading On equality