Interintellect Salons

I volunteer as a salon host for the Interintellect – a global community for people who enjoy deep ideas and rich conversation.

Find out more about the Interintellect here, and check back on this page for the next salon’s I’ll be hosting with and for people who are interested life, the universe, and everything.

Ideas change the world and the course of the future. This is where you will find them.

And, what else are we here for, on spaceship Earth, other than to connect with each other and our world deeply, widely and with wild abandon?

The Dead Economists Society (first Thursday evenings of every month).

The Philosophy of Rick, Morty, Jed and Jeff. (One-off event with Jim O’Shaughnessy)

What Would Terry Pratchett Do? – A Discworld Discourse (One off event with Daniel Thomason)