Social Currency

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Social Media, Social Credit and Social Currency

In this keynote, futurist and trend analyst, we explore how social trends and emerging technologies are changing the future of value and human worth.

This keynote unpacks all the ways that human life, experiences and value are becoming increasingly quantified; through social media popularity rankings, alternative credit data, biohacking, biometric data tracking, national social credit scores, private digital currencies, and more.

The talk explores the “good, the bad and the ugly” of these new ranking and trading systems and encourages businesses, leaders and marketers to balance the benefits of big data with the richness of individual experiences.

The talk is designed to:

  • get you thinking about the future of markets, networks and economies;
  • and to provide leaders with the insights and understanding they need to create business with real, lasting value

It is recommended for private and public sector actors, in addition to businesses operating in the financial sector and the advertising and marketing industries.

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