The New Rules of Engagement

The Future of Communication, Commerce, and Trust in the age of jaded consumers, fake news, robot troll armies, and the new digital “Cold War”.

This talk is designed to help leaders, IT professionals, marketers, advertisers, PR, communications, media and sales professionals understand the future of connection with human (and not so human) B2C and B2C customers. If your business involves developing lasting trust-based relationships with individuals – or persuading anyone to purchase a product or buy into an idea – you need to understand these trends:

– Unconscious Consumerism: What happens to businesses and brands when consumers and companies outsource their purchase decisions to bots.
– Peak social media (as we know it) – and what comes next.
– Fluid reality – how VR, AR and MR are creating real value out of the virtual world.
A target market of one – how technology, data and adaptive algorithms are redefining the concept of “customisation”.
– The three second rule – why on demand is in demand.
– From GDPR and POPIA to Clean Tech: How to balance personal privacy with the real benefits of big data.
– The promise and the perils of the platform economy, why diversification is the best business bet when it comes to taking on big tech.
– From brand nudges and behavioural economics to adaptive emotional engineering, how businesses are embracing AI to influence consumer behaviour.
– From fake news and fake people to alternative avatars for real people, how online identity is changing reality.
The future of cyber warfare, “maskirovska”, and online distrust – understanding the “WIFI curtain” and the new 4D geopolitical game

And much more.

If you and your company want to understand how to connect with the current and future consumer, this briefing is designed to give you a high level understanding of the technological, economic and socio-cultural trends set to impact on business to consumer relationships, and to explain the “new rules of engagement” required to re-win hearts, minds and loyalty in our effervescent, digitised, on-demand world.