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Keynote Speaker

Book me as a keynote speaker, panel session member or MC for your corporate or media event.

My talks focus on simplifying the macro and micro future trends set to change consumers, businesses and economies in the near future.

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What my clients have to say about my work:

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“The Presentation was very well received by our team. The Content was incredible and really some amazing things to think about but very relevant to today and our current economic changes.  I like Bronwyn she seemed to be confident in herself.” ~ Financial Junction


Financial Junction

“I thought it [the presentation] was really interesting… well researched, [and an] insightful collection of ideas.” – Dale Deacon


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Small changes can make big differences.

Simple experiments can yield complex results.

Just ask Langton’s ant. 

Through this blog, I explore the biggest ideas and unpack the most interesting questions I observe from my vantage point as one of life’s most enthusiastic spectators of Chaos Theory in action.

Email me at or chat to me on Twitter @bronwynwilliams if you have anything interesting to add to the conversation.

Artificial​ Art

Creativity is a sign of intelligence, and artificial intelligence is getting creative. In 2016, a novel authored by an algorithm nearly won a prestigious Japanese literary prize. (The novel was, creatively, titled The Day a Computer Writes a Novel.) AI has only got more creative (although, perhaps, not more talented depending on your definition of artistic … Continue reading Artificial​ Art