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Book me as a keynote speaker or panel session member for your corporate or media event.

My talks focus on simplifying the macro and micro future trends set to change organisations, economies, societies, and nations in the near and distant future.

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“The talk was exceptionally well received.”

Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID)

“I really enjoyed the talk today, particularly the examples of apps and disruptors, I have taken down a whole list of them.” ~ Allan Dewar, BSG


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Small changes can make big differences.

Simple experiments can yield complex results.

Just ask Langton’s ant. 

Through this blog, I explore the biggest ideas and unpack the most interesting questions I observe from my vantage point as one of life’s most enthusiastic spectators of Chaos Theory in action.

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On minimalism Vs Utilitarianism

There is a difference between minimalism and utilitarianism. The difference is between removing everything that is unnecessary and stoping before you have removed too much. That one proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – or the one removed detail that turned elegance into homogenous banality. The distinction between functional form and the function without … Continue reading On minimalism Vs Utilitarianism