Futures & Foresight

The future is unpredictable, yes. There are multiple possible futures waiting for us to grab hold of. The future we end up in depends on the actions we take today.

The art of foresight and futures studies is not fortune telling or guess work. Rather, foresight is the pro-active practice of anticipating multiple futures and then taking active steps to design, build, create and manifest the best possible future for yourself and your businesses, regardless of which future we end up in. By studying the “history of the future” we can anticipate and mitigate future threats, and take the necessary steps to take advantage of potential opportunities on the horizon.

Foresight is the practice of preparing for the worst and planning for the best. It is the study of blind-spots and how to avoid them. The art of creating the world you want to live and work in tomorrow.

As a professional full-service foresight practitioner, I can help you, your team and your business to visualise future scenarios, design ideal futures, and develop the road-maps and action plans you need to build and create the future you desire.

The future belongs to those who imagine it.

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