Grand Challenges and How to Solve Them

This talk gives a high level overview of the current key macro trends interacting with each other and the world to influence the future. Using consumer needs hierarchies as a framework to explore the most impactful trends and trajectories facing us NOW –  the talk unpacks both the emerging problems and the potential solutions each of these key trends present to both businesses and society at large. After all, every emerging problem is also an emerging business opportunity for those brave and savvy enough to spot them.

Some of the key trends explored include:

  • Emerging opportunities as de-regulation opens up a new world of opportunity – and emerging threats as the balkanisation of the real and virtual world shuts down business as usual thinking.
  • New money: How negative interest rates and MMT are rewriting the rules of economics and what this means for businesses.
  • How virtual reality is translating to real world value and (unreal) real estate opportunities.
  • How the social trend towards the “un-separation” of brand, church and state is changing the world of business, from brand activism to morality marketing and from commerce to social commerce.
  • The ethics of big data and AI when it comes to access to opportunity and (close to) perfect information – and the resulting opportunities in the “clean tech” movement.
  • The rise of unconscious consumerism, autonomous commerce, as more and more human decisions are outsourced to artificial intelligence.
  • The new space race – an overview of extra-terrestrial business opportunities arsing everywhere from Africa to America.

If you want to understand the world, so that you can change the world, this is the talk for you.