Unreal Estate

The Future of Finding and Creating Value

Value has been decoupled from reality.

This has vast implications for all aspects of society and business, from marketing to finance and everything in between.

For a start, we can start to question:

  • The limits of “limits to growth” – when growth is no longer tied to scarce physical resources.
  • The very foundations of our increasingly untethered economic and monetary systems (as we see with the global normalisation of negative interest rates and money printing, tied to the local challenges of our weak rand).
  • The very concept of worth and value themselves (as we can see by the popularity of ideas such as UBI).

In this talk, we unpack how the shift in value from the real to the unreal, from the physical to the virtual, from the tangible to the intangible, will affect the way we view and exchange value – from an African perspective.

Trends covered include :

  • Bitcoin, blockchain and the concept of digital scarcity in a world of abundance and “limitless growth”.
  • How software ate the world – following the money to see how what we value today differs from the past – and why.
  • Human data as human value – what this means, why it matters and how UBI comes in.
  • The emerging virtual goods economy and its impact on sustainability and new market (and marketing) opportunities (especially within emerging markets).
  • Human chess – Not-so libertarian paternalism, a look at the ethics and applications of neo-nudges, from PPC to effective emotionally adaptive ads.
  • Marketing in the machine – the growing global gaming opportunity for brands and businesses.
  • Escape from reality – the businesses building unreal-real-life parallel universes.

If you want to understand how the invisible world is changing the visible world, and the myriad of opportunities springing up as a result, this intro to the Unreal Estate is for you.