Welcome to my observations on the world.

I am a futurist and business trends analyst, focused on unpacking the financial and economic trends shaping our world.

By day I work as a marketing and trend consultant for hire. By night I’m working towards a post-grad qualification in monetary economics.

Through this blog, I explore the biggest ideas and unpack the most interesting questions I observe from my vantage point as one of life’s most enthusiastic spectators.

I’m sure most of you will not agree with me most of the time; but that’ll just keep this all the more interesting for all of us.

Email me at admin@bronwynruthwilliams.com or chat to me on Twitter @bronwynwilliams if you have anything interesting to add to the conversation.

>>>To book me as a speaker or commission an article on emerging financial industry trends, please make contact through my agent, here.

~ Bronwyn

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