As the infamous faux-Chinese curse suggests, we live in interesting times.

The future is a scary place – especially if you do not know what is headed your way.

So, what does the future hold for you, and for the work that you do? What are the opportunities and threats lying ahead, just hidden from view? How can anyone be certain?

Well, the truth is, you can’t. No one can predict the future. However, if you understand the repetitions of history and the predictability of human nature – and you are looking at the world through the right lens, you can make a pretty good guess. There are patterns hidden in the chaos. Economists call it Chaos Theory.

Chaos Theory is the science of predicting the behaviour of “inherently unpredictable” systems.

That’s what I do. As a futurist, economist, and trend analyst, I am in the business of making sense out of chaos and making the unpredictable future understandable and accessible to you and your business.

I do this by asking three simple questions:

So What?
And What Now?

I developed this methodology over the last 12 years, as I worked, in various incarnations, as a marketing manager, business owner, consultant and trend analyst.

This experience, working predominantly with businesses in the financial and B2B industries, has taught me first-hand how trends affect business strategy.

My career started out in marketing management, before entrepreneurship tempted me away from the nine to five grind and into the world of trend analysis, futurism and business consulting. You can see my full CV here. 

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a major in Marketing Management (amongst other diplomas in subjects as diverse as Economics, Digital Marketing, Foresight, Future Studies, Fintech, Design, and Theology), and I am currently pursuing a Masters in Applied Economics through the University of Bath.

I also read a lot of books.

You may have seen me on TV, or heard me on a podcast talking about the future.

When I’m not here you can find me:

Here, at my day job as an economist and Chief Commercial Officer for Carbon Based Lifeforms, where I’m building hybrid real-and-unreal economic games

Carbon Based Lifeforms Logo

Here, at the Futurist Think Tank for Foresighted Economic, Corporate and Government Policy Guidance:

futurist think tank

Or here, at Flux Trends for Business and Consumer Trend Research and Analysis:


To work with me or book me as a keynote speaker for your next event,
please make contact here.

Bronwyn Ruth Williams - Trend Researcher - Keynote Speaker - What the Future Now
Your professional observer, Bronwyn Ruth Williams


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bronwyn
    Last evening my girlfriend shared an interested perspective on the issue of graduates oversupply and low demand in the job market. I can’t get that tbought out of my head… It’s like a splinter 😁

    What would be, in your opinion, be the best methodology to dive into this?

    Your thoughts and advise would be highly appreciated.

    From an upcoming researcher/forecaster/trend analyst/knowledge what what something something 😁

    1. Hey – great question. I do have sympathy for that argument – although it’s not a pure numbers (“too many” graduates is too simple) game – it’s more to do with the value of the certificates we are graduating with into society – the return on time and money is tending towards showing diminishing marginal returns to society at large… there are solutions though – such as re-normalising the private sector funding skills-based eduction (MBAs, etc) rather than society (taxes) or students (debt) – and in that way re-linking risk and reward to the individuals putting in the time and cash investments.

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