I am available for bookings as a keynote speaker, panel session member or MC for corporate and media events. My talks focus on the macro and micro trends set to change consumers, businesses and economies – and the way they interact with each other – in the future.

My keynote presentations include:

With Flux Trends

Who Needs a Bank Anyway? The Fragmented Future of Finance: This keynote address explains why bankers, stock brokers and accountants are an endangered species and what needs to change in the financial industry, if bankers do not want to go the same way as the dinosaurs (and newspaper publishers).

The Business of Disruption – The Ripple Effect of Game Changing Technology: This Flux Trends presentation demystifies the most disruptive technologies affecting businesses today, and explains why we should all be more excited of than afraid of the future.

With What the Future Now

Here There Be Dragons: Why the future needs heroes, and how you can be one we need. This presentation looks at dragons, chameleons and crocodiles and what you need to succeed in a world where education is optional and innovation is essential.

How to Train Your Cyborg: What does it mean to be a man (or a woman, or a womyn or a womxn) in the midst of the rise of the machines? This presentation looks at the effect of big data, bio rights, robot rights, cyborgs, AI, The Singularity and “Transhumanism” on us humans, and on the businesses that employ and sell to us.

Raising Generation Alpha – A Primer for Millennial Parents: Do you want to future-proof your kids? This presentation looks at the big issues and big questions that Millennial parents need to consider when raising children in the always-connected era. We look at everything from selfies and social media to microchips and the ways our human brains are evolving the more we interact with technology.

But Wait… There’s More… This presentation unpacks the lessons all marketers and business leaders need to know about how to close the sale and make the deal using the secrets of the newsletter men who can (in some cases literally) sell ice to eskimos. We look at examples and case studies from the distant past, and from the imminent future to help you and your businesses discover what you are really doing, so you can keep on doing it for a whole lot of tomorrows.

Click Here Now! – How the Trinet has changed our brains through advertising and algorithms. This presentation looks at the issues of confirmation bias in human societies and businesses organisations, and unpacks the importance of curation and surprise in our content-mad world.

What the Future Now!? – This presentation looks at the strangest technologies and societal shifts humanity is about to encounter. Let me be your tour guide to the near and distant future. You’re in for one amazing ride.

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Businesses that have booked me as a keynote speaker include:

ABSA, Alexander Forbes, Blackline Retail Interiors, Bryte Insurance, Creative Shop, Flux Trends, FSPInvest, Investec, Mr Price, The Peermont Group, The South African Sugar Association, T-Systems, Save Hyper, Visa, and the University of Johannesburg.

Here’s what my clients have had to say about my keynote presentations:

“Bronwyn Williams has worked with Flux since 2011 – writing and structuring our trend reports – and as such, not only understands the Flux methodology, but is able to follow the trajectory of the trends we track, across all industries.
Her personal interest is the future of finance, but since financial services are intertwined with disruption, in whatever industry, her grasp on the Flux philosophy – Trends as Business Strategy – is both comprehensive and assured.
I am more than confident in recommending her as a speaker and Trend Translator on behalf of Flux Trends.” – Dion Chang – Founder, Flux Trends.

“About Bronwyn’s delivery: She was knowledgeable and confident. Topic was relevant – and I was encouraged that she used some hospitality examples. Thanks a lot. “ – Mark Jakins, Peermont Group

“The Presentation was very well received by our team. The Content was incredible and really some amazing things to think about but very relevant to today and our current economic changes.  I like Bronwyn she seemed to be confident in herself.” – Financial Junction

“I really enjoyed the talk today, particularly the examples of apps and disruptors, I have taken down a whole list of them.” – Allan Dewar, BSG

“I love the session, I felt it was empowering especially as a young black female who is interested in this sector. There were interesting tips and case studies that were happening on a global level that can be applied in a South African climate. The trend of peer to peer payment stuck out for me.” – Mbali Zondo – Senior accounts manager at Engage Joe Public

“Very informative with regards to the finance sector in general. It gave good insight and as someone who is about to enter the industry I’m always trying to equip myself with what’s happening and also seeing opportunities with regards to start ups. Things are defiantly changing and it’s a matter on whose going to do it first. Banks are a bit slow in reacting, start-ups could catch up to them and pass them.” – Sifiso Mtshali – Student Unisa (Bcom Finance)

“I enjoyed the presentation, I thought it was good motivation to why the trends are happening, I like the way it was punctuated all the way through with interesting examples.” – Dave Martin – BSG

“Feedback from the Board was that they thoroughly enjoyed it, and our MD too was really impressed – thank-you once again.” – Mr Price

“Thank you for your talk it was really fantastic!” – Nico, Intellilab.tv

“Bronwyn was amazing. The content was spot on and I believe it really sparked people’s thinking. I trust the entrepreneurs will be able to apply the knowledge gained.” – Ntsiki, Joburg Entrepreneurship Fest

Speaking for Alexander Forbes

Presenting the Business of Disruption at the Alexander Forbes national business breakfast roadshow

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