I am available for bookings as a keynote speaker, panel session member or MC for corporate and media events.

My talks focus on the macro and micro trends, trajectories, and grand challenges set to change consumers, businesses, economies and nations in the near and distant future.

Most of my talks are fully customised to my client’s needs, however you can view a small selection of my most popular past talks below and here.

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With Flux Trends:

The New Rules of Engagement – How to Make Real Connections in Times of Fake News, Robot Trolls And Jaded Consumers 

The new rules of engagement - keynote speaker bronwyn williamsThis talk is designed to help leaders, marketers, advertisers, PR, communications, media and sales professionals understand the future of connection with human (and not so human customers). If your business involves developing lasting relationships with individuals – or persuading anyone to purchase a product or buy into an idea – you need to understand the trends unpacked in this talk, which covers everything from brandjacking and morality marketing to social cooling and ad-fakery.

How to Train Your Cyborg – The Manager’s Guide to the Rise of the Machines


What does it mean to be a man (or a woman, or a womyn or a womxn) in the midst of the rise of the machines? This presentation looks at the effect of big data, bio-rights, robot rights, cyborgs, AI, The Singularity and “Transhumanism” on us humans, and on the businesses that employ and sell to us.

The Blockchain Effect – The Decentralised, Democratised Future Explained


How the technology behind the crypto-craze is re-defining the Internet, the global economy and the next wave of digital disruption.


Who Needs a Bank Anyway? The Fragmented Future of Finance


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With What the Future Now:

Marketing: Trust in a Trust-less World

bronwyn williams keynote speakerIn this keynote, futurist and trend analyst, Bronwyn Williams, explains how businesses can re-gain trust and build real relationships in an increasingly virtual world. This keynote explores how the age of fake news and broken promises impacts on businesses and consumers today. It covers everything from the evolution of blockchain – aka the “no trust required” economy through to artificial intelligence and the key trends of morality marketing and brand activism to explain how businesses can rebuild trust to re-build their brands in the future. The talk is highly recommended for financial and insurance sector businesses, as well as for sales professionals, marketers and advertising industry leaders who want to build real, lasting relationships with their customer base.

Management: Life After Work

bronwyn williams keynote speakerIn this keynote, futurist and trend analyst, Bronwyn Williams, explains how managers can lead a human workforce through the age of automation.This keynote gives a balanced view of the future of work, looking at both the economic potential and the human side effects of increased automation in industry and the work place. The talk looks at opportunities and threats resulting from technology – including concepts such as UBI – and guides businesses down a middle path between unsustainable “exponential growth” utopia and “job apocalypse’ dystopia towards a carefully considered and designed protopia, where technology enhances rather than replaces humanity to create a future that is both sustainable and prosperous for all who live and work in it. The talk is highly recommended for business leaders, mangers and human resources professionals.

Money: Social Currency

bronwyn williams keynote speakerIn this keynote, futurist and trend analyst, Bronwyn Williams, explains how social trends and emerging technologies are changing the future of value and human worth. This keynote unpacks all the ways that human life, experiences and value are becoming increasingly quantified; through social media popularity rankings, alternative credit data, biohacking, biometric data tracking, national social credit scores, private digital currencies, and more. The talk explores the “good, the bad and the ugly” of these new ranking and trading systems and encourages businesses, leaders and marketers to balance the benefits of big data with the richness of individual experiences. The talk is designed to get you thinking about the future of markets, networks and economies and to provide leaders with the insights and understanding they need to create business with real, lasting value, and is recommended for private and public sector actors, in addition to businesses operating in the financial sector and the advertising and marketing industries.

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Past clients include:

ABSA, African Sales (ASCO), AgriSA, Alexander Forbes, Alliot Group, Blackline Retail Interiors, Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BCESA), BizCommunity, Bryte Insurance, Capricorn Group, Creative Shop, CryptoSA, DeBeers, Duke Corporate Education, Flux Trends, FSPInvest, FNB, Glacier by Sanlam, Heavy Chef, Honeywell, Investec, Liberty, Liberty Africa, Luno Money, Mr Price, Momentum, Nedbank, Norcros, NSE, OK Foods, Private Property, The Peermont Group, Remax, Standard Bank, The South African Sugar Association, South African Sugar Technologists Association (SATSA), The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), The South African Reserve Bank, SA Tourism, The Kenyan Stock Exchange, T-Systems, Transunion, Save Hyper, Stanlib, Visa, the University of Cape Town, and the University of Johannesburg.

Conference keynote appearances include:

The Blockchain and AI Conference, Johannesburg Entrepreneurship Fest, Capricorn Fest, LeaderEx South Africa, The Marketing Association of South Africa’s Marketing Summit and Achievement Awards, TedX Pretoria, Think Sales Conference, and the South African Travel Indaba.

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