Ideas that need to catch on

I’m currently trying to get the following self-created ideas/ terms to catch on, since I think they explain things about the future:

The WIFI curtain (which I first wrote about anonymously, under cover, for Future World) as the 21st century’s version of the Iron Curtain. Only this one is a 4D (it stretches across space and time, in all directions, with no hope of a right to be forgotten) open-air prison run by the total surveillance state – CBDC surveillance money and all.

Open Basic Income (OBI) as an alternative to Universal Basic Income – since a safety net open to everyone to opt in or out of is preferable to a safety net applied indiscriminately to those who neither require nor desire it.

Möbius Strip Theory as an upgrade to Horseshoe Theory – since horseshoes do not bend or twist anywhere near enough to fit reality. (It’s more complicated and mysterious than that.)

Generation Bee (who I wrote about with fellow futurists, Tracey Follows and Dr Ian Pearson) as the rightful name to the next generation to be born after Generation Alpha , as soon as 2025. Generation Bee will be the nomad-hero generation of children born to Generation Z, sure to rebel against their stolen futures and their parents’ degrowth fixation.

Paperclip Minimiser Dystopias – what gets measured gets managed (unfortunately, all too often to the exclusion of all else).

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