Scientific Advertising

Although Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins was written over 100 years ago, it is still brilliantly readable and packed with astute instructions on what makes marketing work – and how to measure it properly to make sure it does.

As the old adage goes, “what gets measured gets managed” (The quote is attributed to management maverick, Peter Drucker.)

Far ahead of its time, Scientific Advertising should be required reading for today’s crop of (not always amazing, judging by a casual scroll through your social media poison of choice) content, digital and social media marketers (as well as their self-supposedly-superior “traditional” advertising colleagues who often seem more interested in winning creative, artistic awards than actually producing advertising that returns a return on investment for their, admittedly complicit, but also, possibly duped, clients).

Want to write ads that sell? Read this.

Want your marketing campaigns to generate more in sales than they cost you in spend? Read this.

Want to know which half of your advertising budget is wasted? Read this.

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