The Order of Time

Things are transformed one into another according to necessity, and render justice to one another according to the order of time. ~ Anaximander

The Order of Time is a mind-expanding little book. Part physics, part philosophy, the book is packed with strange and wonderful ideas about how the very fabric of the universe works and changes around us.

For those of you, like me, you are curious about time travel, the nature of quantum physics and the meaning of life, this book puts the strangeness, the effervescence, the transitivity of life itself into sharp focus.

Time is not linear, it is relative. Time is a happening, not a place or position. Just like everything else, time changes with perspective.

We would do well to apply the lessons in The Order of Time to our approach to politics, business and personal relationships.

Perspective matters.

Nothing is as it seems.

2 thoughts on “The Order of Time

  1. I’ve read Seven Brief Lessons on Physics from the same author. It was very insightful. I’ll check this one too.

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