Citizenship as a Service – Rethinking the Nation State Beyond Physical Borders

The following videos, representing a wide variety of views on the subject, are worth a few minutes of your time if you want to get to grips with the idea of electronic citizenship and the future of the digital nation state – beyond physical borders – for better or for worse.

The state’s perspective: The e-Estonia project and self-sovereign identity within a state regulated governance system – aka digital democracy.


The anarchists perspective: Bitnation and self-sovereign identities with decentralised, borderless voluntary citizen-governance – aka organised anarchy.


The Empire’s perspective:  China’s Social Credit Score System and centralised state controlled digital identities and governance – aka digital dictatorships.


Now, in light of the above, a few questions:

Are you ready for citizenship as a service?

Are self-sovereign identities linked to a state-issued digital identity number really self-sovereign at all?

Should individuals be able to choose what system of governance they submit to?

Should citizenship be tied to geography, biological lineage or ideological commonality?

How do you feel about digital democracies and digital dictatorships?

Is sacrificing more privacy for security still a good trade off for nation states today? – Or are we reaching the point where the declining marginal returns in extra security for a further reduction in privacy are no longer maximising the utility of the “public good”?

Is there justification in using social credit scores to automate governance and modify bad behaviour for the “greater good”?

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