Artificial​ Art

Creativity is a sign of intelligence, and artificial intelligence is getting creative.

In 2016, a novel authored by an algorithm nearly won a prestigious Japanese literary prize.

(The novel was, creatively, titled The Day a Computer Writes a Novel.)

AI has only got more creative (although, perhaps, not more talented depending on your definition of artistic talent) since then.

So you can judge AI’s artistic merit for yourself, here is a small selection of some of my favorite artificial art for your enjoyment:

Bot Poetry:

the sun is shining
the wind moves
naked trees
you dance

~ A poem by bot inspired by a photograph of a pastoral landscape


A home transformed by the lightning
the balanced alcoves smother
this insatiable earth of a planet, Earth.
They attacked it with mechanical horns
because they love you, love, in fire and wind.
You say, what is the time waiting for in its spring?
I tell you it is waiting for your branch that flows,
because you are a sweet-smelling diamond architecture
that does not know why it grows.

~ A poem by a bot that was accepted into the Duke Literary Journal


The stifling stuffy
Catholic schoolroom,
where I cannot be real.

~ A haiku written by Ray Kurzweil’s Cybernetic Poet after reading poems by Patricia Camarena Rose and Wendy Dennis

Want some more bot-poetry? Head on over to Bot Poet and see if you can spot the difference between “real” poetry by flesh and blood humans and bot generated sonnets. (It’s harder than you think. There is a lot of truly terrible poetry out there.)

Or you can try your hand at generating your own bot poetry using Ray Kursweil’s Cybernetic Poet tool, which you can download for free here.

Musical AI


Think your bots could do better? (And come on, we’re starting with a very low bar here; pop stars can sleep easy tonight.) You can direct your own bot composition with Jukedeck.

AI Artworks


Winner of the 2018 Robot Art Competition Reproduction of Cezanne’s Houses at L’Estaque – 1880 by CloudPainter




AI Generated Nude Portrait #1 by Robbie Barrat and his bots

Not quite there yet, in my opinion. But then again, let’s be honest: This is hardly worse than Marcel Duchamp’s’ Fountain now, is it?


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