The Blockchain Revolution

“How the technology behind Bitcoin is changing money, business and the world.”

The book’s blurb is on the money.

The Blockchain technology behind bitcoin is revolutionary.

Beyond the ICO bubble and the global crypto mania craze, hype there are some really interesting ideas taking shape and shaping the future.

Essentially, the Blockchain is the new – smart, distributed – Internet, and if you want to be successful in business (whatever your business may be) in the future, you need to understand what blockchain is, why it matters and how it will impact on your specific industry’s business models – because impact them it will.

The Blockchain Revolution is a solid – if slightly stuffy and unrealistically optimistic – starting point if you want to understand the new, new connected economy.

Read this book if you want to get to grips with smart contracts, distributed networks and the business implications of the blockchain.

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