The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis is one of my all-time favourite authors. Behavioural economics is one of my favourite subjects.

It is no surprise that I highly, highly recommend The Undoing Project to anyone who is interested in how we make decisions and how those same decisions can be manipulated using some really very simple physiological tricks.

Not only is the book packed with ideas you can actually use in your business and personal life, it is a jolly good story too. The book is full of action (it includes high-intensity real-life second world war and Israeli war scenes), drama (there are some soap-opera level relationship dynamics going on) and simply brilliant characterisation. Michael Lewis makes the reader feel like they are on intimate personal terms with all the charaters he writes.

You will forget you are reading a factual biography on a pair of very academic academics’ academic theories of how the way human minds really work is contrary to both logic and established economic models.



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