“Should I invest in this Bitcoin thing?”

That’s a question I get asked almost everyday.

To answer in short?

Do as Warren Buffett does.

Only invest in things that you *fully* understand.

And even then, only invest with money you can afford to lose. (I’m talking to you, people who sold their cars in December 2017 to buy into Bitcoin. You know what I mean.)

Yes, people have and will continue to make some serious money from Bitcoin and its crypto-kin. However, unless you had the foresight to buy in back in 2011 (when I wrote this article, for instance), or you are a seasoned Forex trader, who really knows how to trade and scalp profits from the market, or just get lucky timing the market, you will probably not be one of them.

Sorry about that.

Still, I recommend you take the time to fully understand it, and then make your own decisions.

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