Who is your master?

If you work for a salary or even own a business that requires you to work a defined number of hours in a defined place every week, you are a slave.

A slave is a dependant on a master.

A slave is tied to a physical location – a time and place, not of his choosing, but of his master’s.

You are only truly your own master when your livelihood is not dependant on an hourly rate.

You are not free if you depend on someone else for a paycheck or a grant.

If you depend on a paycheck to survive, you are no less than six months from bankruptcy at any given time.

You are not free if your income depends on being in a particular place every day.

As long as your income is tied to (i.e. directly proportional to) your time, you can never be free of financial worry.

You are not free as long as your finances are dependant on your physical body.

The goal needs to be to separate your income from yourself – to create a location and time independent income stream.

You need to make sure your income is not dependant on any one person, company or even economy (and, God forbid, on any state).

Your income needs to be self-sufficient, untied from any external factor’s success.

That’s the only way to stop being a slave.

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