TedxPretoria – Do You Want to Live Forever?

I was invited to give a talk on transhumanism, amortality and super-longevity (and the very personal ethics thereof) at TedxPretoria.TedxPretoria.

amortality - do you want to live forever?Tedx pretoria #Iam do you want to live forever?


bronwyn williams trend analyst and futurist45117549585_eeb1fb7eb2_o45117548655_ce8b637ce6_o45117548505_0614ff14de_o45117548435_1de153c6fb_o45117548385_c2cfca1ac0_o45117548225_c52c0e8827_o45117548165_58bb44f0c2_o45117548075_0f0f33a2ea_o

futurism - immortality and transhumanism

the ethics of living forever immortality amortality transhumanism45117518325_84dce6bf73_otedxpretoria Iam big ideasTedXpretoria speakers futures trends game changing ideas




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