future thinking 702 series

Mini Masterclass on Future Thinking – Radio 702

A four-part mini masterclass on Future Thinking for everyone:

1. What is future thinking and why does it matter?

What happened to the future, and why does it need you?

What do trend analysts do?

What do futurists do?

How can you think more like a futurist?

What are probable, possible and preferable futures?

What foresight skills can you apply to your own life?

Why long-term thinking is so important (and why it is so difficult – you future self is a stranger and we are prone to high time preferences)?

Why is it important for everyone to gain “futures literacy”?

How / where can you gain futures literacy?

Listen here:


2. Hacking Democracy 

How to overcome “postalgia” (that is apathy due to believing that the future will be worse than the past) in the developed and developing world.

The problem with the most powerful people in the room having the shortest time horizons (and how go change that).

Getting “skin in the game” – sharing risk and reward more closely and re-aligning leadership incentives and consequences.

How citizens are taking back their own futures by “hacking democracy” using technology (and social connections)  vTaiwan and their ePolis system.

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3. Staying human

How to cope with the pace of change and technology.

How do dean with the threat of “technological redundancy” due to automation without becoming a “luddite”.

How to find a balance between progress and people.Where regulation should fit in; the differences between “choose your own adventure” protocols and policies.

Big tech and big government : How to be an individual in a world governed by algorithms.

“Start with dystopia” – From “could we” to “should we”. De-mystifying scary technologies (AI, genetic engineering, space terrorism, drone soldiers, brain-neuro interfaces) and what could go right as well as what can go wrong.

Why it is important for citizens to be part of the conversation!

Listen here:


4. Raging against the dying of the light 

How futures thunking can help us cope with the existential crises of climate change.

The challenges of “degrowth” thinking.

The concept of “the long now”, “cathedral” and “7 generation” thinking.

How (and why) to be a good ancestor.

The library for the future and other sustainable futures projects.https://www.futurelibrary.no

Listen here:


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