2022 – Another Year in Books

What I read in 2022, the comprehensive list.

How to read this list:

*  = Recommend
** = Really recommend
NC = No comment (or, really, do not bother)
RR = Re-read
F = Fiction
NF = Non-fiction
P = Plays

This year’s list is (far) shorter than usual. I had a lot going on that’s none of your business. I don’t post purchase links, I’ve no financial incentives here to cloud my judgment. I suggest you purchase a copy of whatever you like from whomever you like. Remember, we get more of what we pay for and pay attention to.

Previous lists can be found here and here and here.

  1. Witches Abroad – Terry Pratchett (RR – F **)
  2. 100 Nasty Women of History – Hannah Jewell (NF)
  3. Simulacra & Simulation – Jean Baudrillard (NF*)
  4. On War – Carl von Clausewitz (NF)
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dhal (F**)
  6. Love, Loss, and What We Ate – Padma Lakshimi (NF*)
  7. Snuff – Terry Pratchett (RR – F**)
  8. Blankets – Craig Thompson (F**)
  9. Games People Play – Eric Berne (NF)
  10. Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace (F*)
  11. The Screwtape Letters – CS Lewis (F**)
  12. In the Dust of this Planet – Eugene Thacker (NF)
  13. Waiting for Godot – Samuel Becker (P)
  14. The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco (F)
  15. White Girls – Hilton Als (NF*)
  16. The Iliad – Homer (F*)
  17. Under a Cruel Star – Heda Kovaly (NF*)
  18. The Great Narrative – Klaus Schwab (NF)
  19. The Tyranny of Growth – Malcolm Ray (NF*)
  20. The Correspondence Between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and Rene Descartes – (NF**)
  21. Expensive Poverty – Greg Millis (NF)
  22. Who Moved My Cheese – Dr Spencer Johnson (NF)
  23. The Kingdom – Emmanuel Carrere (F)
  24. The Elephant in the Brain – Kevin Simler and Robin Hanson (NF*)
  25. I am a Strange Loop – Douglas Hofsteder (NF)
  26. The Brothers Karamazov – Fyodor Doestoevsky (F*)
  27. Kinderland, A Childhood in East Berlin – Mawil (NF/F*)
  28. Prayer for the Living – Ben Okri (F*)
  29. The Deluge – Adam Tooze (NF)
  30. The Death of Bunny Monroe – Nick Cave (F*)
  31. Shalimar the Clown – Salman Rushdie (F*)
  32. Oblivion – David Foster Wallace (F*)
  33. Ernest Hemingway : Selected Bi-lines (NF**)
  34. To Have and Have Not – Ernest Hemingway (F*)
  35. The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath (F)
  36. Stonemouth – Ian Banks (F*)
  37. How to Future – Scott Smith (NF)
  38. Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden (F)
  39. Terry Pratchett, A Life With Footnotes* – Rob Wilkins (NF*)
  40. Manifesto – Songezo Zibi (NF*)
  41. Brief Interviews With Hideous Men – David Forster Wallace (F**)
  42. A Month in the Country – J. L Carr (F*)
  43. Property – Lionel Shriver (F**)
  44. Feline Philosophy : Cats and the Meaning of Life – Johan Gray (NF*)
  45. The Collected Poems of Robert Frost (F/NF*)
  46. The Singularity Principals – David Wood (NF*)
  47. Wild Problems – Russ Roberts (NF*)
  48. Facing Our Futures – Nikolas Badminton (NF*)
  49. Don’t be a Feminist – Bryan Caplan (NF)
  50. Beyond Bitcoin – Decentralised Finance and the End of Banks – Simon Dingle and Steven Sidley (NF*)

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