the 1000 Year Project

It’s about time you reclaimed the future.

Especially the far future, which we all seem to have forgotten about. The possibility of the far future has got lost amongst the perma-crisis that clouds geopolitics literally (or less so, depending on where in the world you live…).

But here’s the thing : there are no rules out there where time and space have not collided, and that means you and I – and anyone who wants to execute their agency get to scribble all over it and set our own hopes and expectations for the legacy – our shot at immortality – we want to etch into the universe.

After all, expectations very practically shift the future, quite simply because what we believe changes our actions.

To that end, and I invite you to place your chips on a future that’s worth waking up for with the 1000 Year Project – a rolling call to action to anyone and everyone to have their say on what humanity +1000 years could and should be.

It’s open to everyone and designed to only take 5 minutes to make your contribution. Follow this link to make yours now.

Find out more about the thinking and vision behind the project here.

The (Far) Future Needs YOU.

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