The truth machine

If you can take a collection of junk bonds and securitise them into A-grade “investment” assets (hello collateralised debt obligations); or if you can do the same thing with bundling shitcoins and DIY NFTs into “no risk” lending opportunities – if you can take trash and by simply combining it with more trash magically transform your pile of trash into investment-grade treasure, why not use the same alchemy on lies to launder them into truth?

This is the challenge with chasing the holly grail of “immutable truth”. Whatever system you use – mechanical, digital, centralised, or decentralised – the border posts, the onramps, are the weakest link in the chain.

From GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) to LILO (Lies in Lies Out – or even worse LITO (Lies In, “Truth” Out)).

Good old GIGO still applies. A million individual lies that agree on the same falsehood may make a consensus but they cannot make the truth.

We should consider this, in our trustless future we are so happily working towards – where we replace fallible human relationships with non-negotiable (yet still fallible) code – where computer says no/go and manufactures immutable, unquestionable “truth” on demand.

(The whole thing reminds me of Dr Seuss’s fantastical creations)

One thought on “The truth machine

  1. I like this brand of futurism – figure out what the greatest thought failings and vanities are in today’s world and figure out what the inevitable collapse will look like when the bubble pops or thought anarchy collides with inevitable reality. This approach I can grasp. It has huge traction for me.

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