It’s not a horseshoe, it’s a Möbius strip…

The horseshoe theory of politics does not go nearly far enough.

I find a Möbius strip is a far superior analogy.

It shows just how by going far enough in any direction, we go around the bend (and if we go far enough after that, we might just end up back where we started).

It shows how paper thin apparently “opposing” views really are – how identical in all but name totalitarians and anarchists of any flavour real are.

It shows how there are some surprising points, as the loops interest in the centre of the figure of 8 where one may hop from one track to the next. For example, how Universal Basic Income is a point of common interest between both a certain type of libertarians and a certain type of socialist.

But still, even this metaphor is imperfect, as are all metaphors. When it comes to real life, you find it real is more complicated than that…

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