The Hare and the Camel

I have an affinity for dark Soviet humour.

There is a lot we can learn from those who have been through the dark places we are headed towards.

One such old joke runs as follows:

A hare is running frantically though a forest.

A bear stops him and asks, “Why are you running?”.

The hare replies, “Haven’t you heard? They are are catching and shooting all the camels!”

The bear responds, “But you are a hare not a camel!”

The hare retorts, “Ah, but how could I prove that I am not a camel when they catch me?”


If this does not remind you of the un-falsifiability of the crimes and charges all to many ordinary “cancel culture” victims are currently tried and convicted of in the court of public opinion – often with life-ruining consequences, as they are banished and chased into cyber Siberia for all eternity, well, at least you have been warned of the dark futures ahead, where nothing is real, and everything is possible



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