Why Nations Fail

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty, is a very big book that uses rather a lot of pages to outline a very basic idea: Bad Suff Happens to Countries Which Are a) Run Badly b) by Bad People.

That’s it.

(Also, if you don’t know much about global political and economic history you might learn a thing or two.)

2 thoughts on “Why Nations Fail

    1. Brilliant review, thanks for sharing – I really agree with the vast majority of your critique (In particular, also believe that Guns Germs and Steel was and is a valuable, indeed superior book, and I found the author’s criticisms of Diamond poorly reasoned. Furthermore, politics is no simple saviour of humanity. I believe individual voter-citizen empowerment – and decentralisation of power, rather than concentration of power is the best way forward for more health, wealth and happiness for more people. I reject the Hegalian view that freedom and prosperity is to be found in the political collective.)

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