Live Long and Prosper

Transhumanism is the quest for longevity (or more accurately, amortality), perfect health, and ultimate happiness – a total end to suffering.

What could go wrong?

Well, quite simply, what could go wrong is that we achieve transhumanism for a select few, through genetic engineering (i.e. in-vitro intelligent design), body hacking (i.e. cyborg enhancements and bio-organic replacement body parts) and expensive aging cures (such as my favourite, blood transfusions from young to old) – and in the process create a race of rich superhumans (Homo Deus) to rule over comparatively poorer bog-standard humans (Homo Sapiens) who cannot afford (or are unaware of) the tools and techniques of transhumanism.

Deliberate genetic inequality sounds a lot like eugenics to me (and we all know how that turned out* the last time it seemed like a good idea…)

Is achieving transhumanism and an end to suffering for a few better than achieving it for none at all? Or will the difference between the two sub-species of humanity create greater total suffering (for the left behind) in the long run?

We won’t have to wait long to find out:

CRISPR means designer babies are a reality. You can order replacement body parts if you need them. And lifespans (for the rich) are creeping towards the indefinite (wealthy Millennials can aim for 114 years here on Earth, and counting).

We live in interesting times.


*WWII – That’s your clue.



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