The Overton Window is Snapping Shut

Mind your fingers.

While Google and Facebook pander to the crowd, serving us ever more polarising content, for ever more clicks, the Overton Window is snapping shut.


The already narrow band of socially acceptable ideas is growing narrower, still. It is getting increasingly difficult to find any common ground at all between left and right, anarchists and totalitarians.

More to the point, if you and your unpopular opinions find yourselves in the wilderness outside of the pre-approved Overton Window, you risk losing your livelihood (or even your life) as the social-justice mob demands you hand over your social (and social media) standing along with your job or business in exchange for disobeying the group-think of the omniscient, omnipotent crowd.

Accepting or rejecting the wisdom of the crowds is one of the big issues ahead for humanity.

What is more important? Consensus? Or freedom of thought?

Homogeny? or Individuality?

We had better decide fast.

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