Do you really even want a degree?

In late October this year, the South African student-driven #feesmustfall movement pressured the government to drop the proposed 2016 fee increase for tertiary education.

That’s very nice and all for the students, but here’s the thing – even if tertiary education was free, the students are still not going to get what they really want: High paying employment.

A university education does not guarantee a good job. Or even a job at all.

More graduates do not mean more jobs.

It’s basic supply and demand.

If there are more graduates, but the same number of limited jobs waiting at the end, graduate employment will fall, along with average graduate salaries.

That’s why there are now so many Master’s degree graduates working as taxi drivers and call centre agents.

What is really required is not more education, but more entrepreneurs. And you don’t need an expensive education to be an entrepreneur.

Richard Brandson will tell you that.

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