What if presidents got paid the median wage of their population?

Now that’s a question, right?

If the president or prime minister of your country received a set salary based on the average wage earned by the average person (that’s right -I said the average PERSON – not the average employed adult – children and the retired also have to eat, right?) living in your country, don’t you think they would be more ‘inspired’ to work to improve the real living conditions of their wards?

In fact, just think how things would change if every member of parliament was paid the same – the average income of the average citizen…

Surely this would weed out the self-serving and corrupt from even running the race to power in the first place.

After all, our politicians only have the position and privileges we give them: Are you happy with how much you’re paying for their services?

I’m interested in your thoughts, so please feel free to comment away: 

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