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But Wait… There’s More! The Future of Marketing Decoded

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This presentation unpacks the lessons all marketers and business leaders need to know about how to close the sale and make the deal using the secrets of the newsletter men who can (in some cases literally) sell ice to Eskimos. Case studies from the distant past, and the imminent future will help you and your businesses discover what you are really doing so you can keep on doing it for a whole lot of tomorrows.

Chaos Theory: How to Live in Interesting Times

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How to embrace change and become comfortable with constant chaos. This presentation will help you spot the simple patterns hidden in plain sight and show you how your businesses can survive and thrive in a chaotic, uncertain world.


Space Elevators and Other Magic: How to Create the Future like a Science Fiction Writer

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Discover the secrets of maximum effect for minimum effort. How you can “game” the system and why it is perfectly OK to take (some) shortcuts using lessons from Japanese Space Elevators, Eddie the Eagle, the Four Hour Work Week, and the world of science fiction. This presentation will encourage you to think and innovate like fantasy writers and physicists.

Breaking Bias – How To Exit The Echo-Chamber

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How the FAANGS (Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Netflix, and Google) have changed our brains and solidified our cognitive biases through advertising and algorithms. This presentation looks at how to avoid confirmation bias traps in societies and businesses organisations, and unpacks the importance of curation and surprise in our content-mad world

What the Future Now?

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 14.22.34This presentation looks at the strangest technologies and societal shifts humanity is about to encounter. Immortality, flying cars, killer drones, free money, and more. Let me be your tour guide to the near and distant future – a world where education is optional, innovation is essential and chaos is guaranteed… You’re in for one amazing ride.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust: The Power of Belief

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This presentation unpacks the glue that holds society together – belief in shared, common myths and how these myths are constantly changing along with the future of humanity.