Innovation Consulting

Do you find the future exciting or frightening?

Are you worried that you are being left behind by your colleagues and competitors?

Do you know what impact transhumanism will have on your work and your business?

Are you interested in learning about the Next Big Things before everyone else catches on?

Do you want to know what will last in an increasingly transient world?

Then I can help.

No, I can’t predict the future, but because of my vantage point as a professional observer, technophile and bibliophile, I can see what is already coming next.

Think of me as you watchman, standing on top of a tower, keeping an eye on the horizon – in all directions – on your behalf.

While I can’t predict what is coming next, I can tell you what it is already on the way before everyone on the ground takes notice. I can also explain why whatever it is matters, and what you can do, now to prepare for it.

My experience as a marketing manager and a foresight practitioner will help you do exactly that.

Sometimes all you need is a head start.

Contact me to set up a consultation.